In the Aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and the “death” of the Soviet Union, a team of Russian scientists seeks “immortality” on a tiny Greek island and in the philosophy of Pythagoras. Along with a survivor of the disaster, the nuclear physicist Andrei, as their leader, they create a commune on the island and establish there an esoteric school.

The film presents the development of their ideas and their adventurous relation with the local community, as it is now Greece’s turn to sink inside its own big crisis. A quest for certainties in an era of total uncertainty.

Documentary, HD, 75min.

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In a dark alleyway a car pulls up. Mari, a beautiful 25 year old girl is forced out of the car, her sexy clothing exposing part of her thin body… The car leaves and Mari lies alone on the ground.

Very soon she will be forced to face her real nature. Prostitutes approach her; she runs away, scared. Walking towards the city she finds herself by a shopping centre and enters…

Confronted again with her real identity Mari faces a revelation: a clone, disposable. Scared, lost and alone, again she runs, runs far away from the city, still vainly seeking human contact. 

Tired, Mari takes refugee under a road bridge, where she finds a homeless man’s shelter. During the few hours left until sunrise she will have her one and only chance to find affection. Will she?

Sci- Fi, S16mm, 15min.

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Maria’s relationship with her boyfriend evolves over time through three birthday parties.

Drama, S16mm, 7min.

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